Setup Your Own CCTV Security System

cctv camerasWith the ever-increasing crime rates worldwide, business and homeowners are forced to take security measures in their own hands. Of course, you can always rely on your local law enforcement to assist you when needed, but they cannot possibly be there 24/7. Many retail giants utilize CCTV surveillance, because it offers an array of benefits. Just like anything else, these systems also come with some disadvantages. Below, you will discover a list of advantages and disadvantages of surveillance camera systems.


The biggest benefit of security systems is they offer a very cost-efficient operation. Most of these systems operate on electricity and wireless communication, which is already set up in most homes. This energy efficient equipment will not drive up your electric bill, so you are not going to be out any money, other than the initial price. Another benefit that cannot be ignored is just the mere presence of the security cameras, will deter illegal activity. Most criminals will not dare cross paths with a surveillance camera, because they fear getting caught in action.

Most of the modern surveillance systems are now being embedded with Bluetooth chips. This device gives homeowners remote control capabilities from anywhere around the globe. Each system will have its on mobile app, which must be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. You will need to pair the equipment with your existing Internet router, before the system will function appropriately.


When you first start shopping for a new surveillance system, you will discover that there are both, wireless and wired models available on the market. The wireless system is much easier to install, which is why many consumers find it more desirable. Of course, there is one downside to this system and that its reliability rating. A minor wireless interference can alter the system’s performance, potentially leading to a complete disconnection. If this happens, the system will not function correctly and you will not be able to access live stream or receive notifications.

Wireless surveillance systems can also be vulnerable to security breaches and criminal tampering. An intelligent criminal or online hacker will know exactly how to hack into the system. Password protecting the security system during the setup and installation process will be your best bet. Be sure that you choose a strong password that will not easily be hacked.


When you consider these advantages and disadvantages, it is obvious that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A surveillance system will definitely boost your home security in more ways than one and you should not go another day without this additional protection.

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