Pro Teeth Whitening System – The Future Of Teeth Whitening?

Pro White Teeth Whitening system includes custom trays made by a dental lab, temporary trays, a choice of either 16% or 22% ( which is the one recommended) in mint flavor, and gives you a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.
Pro White Teeth whitening gel comes in two strengths of Carbon Peroxide.,22% and 16%. 22%. The 22% will work for most people and is the strength the company recommends, while 16% would be the better choice for those with sensitive teeth.

¬†Peroxide, the main ingredient of Pro White Teeth is FDA approved, and does not include any filers that might be dangerous or toxic, like dome other companies’ teeth whitening systems may consist of.

The gel and the custom tray have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason you return the unused portion of the Pro White Teeth system.

Pro White Teeth offers additional teeth whitening gel at reasonable prices, and will keep for up to three years in your refrigerator.

Using your Pro White Teeth is very simple. When you receive the kit, you need to use the materials included to make a mold of your teeth. Take the blue and white putty, and mix it together, until you have one solid color. Roll the putty out, and use it to fill one of the temporary trays, place the mold onto your top teeth, and hold it there for four minutes. Repeat the previous steps for your lower teeth. Once you complete this, you return the molds in the prepaid envelope, and receive your permanent trays in about three business days.

I am a coffee drinker, and on occasions I like to drink red wine. These are two of the worst things you can do to your teeth, and can cause stains, and yellowing. I have tried the over the counter whitening systems, and found them less than effective. I did some research online and found, Pro White Teeth

I was a bit taken aback by the price of the Pro White Teeth whitening system, but I knew that getting my teeth whitened by my dentist would be even more expensive. Pro White Teeth is available online at sites like for around $80.00. I ordered the Pro White Teeth kit, and it arrived in a few days. I followed the instructions and made the molds of my teeth, and sent them off and waited for my permanent trays to arrive.

It only took a few days, about four to be precise. I used the system as directed, and the results were amazing. I would recommend the Pro White Teeth Whitening Strips to anyone who needs whiter teeth.