New Laws Come into Play For Using A Hoverboard In Ireland

There has been many campaigns over the last 2 decades about the huge problem of drink driving in Ireland and it has been largely successful. Ireland is a rural country and many people live outside of small towns and villages and a generation ago it was acceptable to go for a few pints and then drive home after the pub. This is certainly not the case any more and there is a lot of shame associated with drink driving to the extent that there has even been talk in the media of having a public list where you will be named and shamed online if you are caught drink driving.

In recent years however there are new forms of transport and Dublin has even become quite bike friendly in the last 10 years especially. But now there are a few new kids on the block in the form of electric scooters, hoverboards and segways. In this article there have been calls to regulate electric scooters and hoverboards so they can be used in the same vein as bicycles. This makes absolute sense. As it stands the guards can seize any scooter or hoverboard if it is used on the footpath or indeed on the road itself.

These new forms of transport should be encouraged as it takes traffic off of our roads and it is more environmentally friendly. In fact in cities in the US they are being encouraged and rightly so. There was a huge push in Dublin to get people to use bikes and as we are a major city with no underground/metro system things like this could take the pressure off of the roads. What is the issue with people using a hoverboard to get to work over a car? It is a much better way to do your commute and should be encouraged. Companies like the are now at the forefront of the electric hoverboard business.