Get a Zgemma H2S Receiver and cut your TV bills

It is estimated that over 70% of households pay some sort of subscription TV to companies like UPC or Virgin. These bills can cost anything from a minimum of €35 for the very basic channels all the way up to over €100 per month for premium channels which would include music, sports and movie channels. In a bid to save money many people are turning to other methods to get their television programs. Many young people simply just use their laptop and netflix to catch up on programs whilst others get streaming devices such as the firestick in a bid to save money.

But there is another way to get proper television rather than a steaming service. This is what is known as freesat TV which is 100% free way to get TV channels some of which are in high definition free of monthly bills. This is by using a freesat box such as the popular Zgemma H2S which has a pause, record and playback function as well as a 7 day TV guide. It also allows for multiple recordings whilst watching different channels.

For the Zgemma H2S to work all you need is a satellite dish which many homes have especially if they have already been using a subscription service which usually provide a satellite dish free of charge. So if you are looking to cut your TV bills than a Zgemma box could be the best option for you.