How this gaming chair business helped drive the work from home culture

With Ireland hopefully over the worst of the Pandemic, we are left to pick up the pieces and try to get back to normal life. But will life ever be normal for this generation that experienced the world being turned on its head all of a sudden? The government in Ireland have recently announced that employers are now able to bring employees back into the office almost 18 months after we first went into lockdown.

People however, have gotten used to working from home and indeed to a more balanced life style. It is not so easy to reprogramme people after 18 months of having a more comfortable working space. Many employers did help their employees organise a proper work from home setup in the madness that was the first lockdown and many businesses did benefit from this. For example the gaming chair Ireland online store reported seeing a huge increase in sales in 2020, so much so that they ran out of stock before the Christmas season really kicked off. Other businesses such as the fitness equipment niche also done very well as gyms were closed for 70% of the year in 2020. Getting your hands on a dumbbell was difficult during the first lockdown.

gaming chairs ireland

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months as the government have promised that we will not enter another lockdown. Whether this will be the case come winter however is a different story. Last winter saw the country go into lockdown just 3 days before Christmas which affected the entertainment industry badly. By October 22 the government want to end all restrictions so that is a major positive.

If everyone can get on with their lives from here on in, I think we can all consider ourselves quite lucky. Those people who are now used to working from home and who have invested in expensive furniture like an office desk, gaming chair, office chair or whatever the case maybe will be reluctant to go back into the office. Most companies will be forced to use a hybrid model of 2/3 days in the office and the rest of the week from home.

Most people would have been happy with this only two years ago so there is no reason that staff will not accept this going forward even if some people have got a little more comfortable working from home!