Can you drink and still drive an electric scooter in Ireland?

Electric scooters are getting a lot of headlines lately and there is still a grey area about the legal standing of these electric scooters. According to some sources electric scooters require a drivers license and insurance to be driven on the road in Ireland. There is also the question however that is this is not the case can they be driven in bike lanes as this is where most of them are being seen, especially in the Dublin area.

After doing some research there does not seem to be a clear answer on these sorts of questions with some sources stating that they are not mechanically propelled vehicles and other sources stating that they are. When Googling electric scooter law in Ireland this page says that they in fact are not MPV’s as they require a push off to begin moving. If that is the case then they would have the same law as a bike and not require a drivers license or insurance.

Drink Driving & Electric Scooters:

This is also important as to whether you can have alcohol and drive an electric scooter. Now obviously this is not advised no matter what the law but strictly from a legal stand point it is important to know where you stand on this as if you are caught over the limit and the guards deem the electric scooter to be a MPV then you can be done for drink driving and even go to prison!

The official Guarda stance on this is still unclear and it could come down to the members interpretation of the law. This is important as if you are riding an electric scooter in the bike lane and a Garda sees this as an MPV then you can also get points on your license.

The Future of Electric Scooters:

Simply put we are still unsure of where the law stands on this. There has been mentions in the Irish papers that a specific law for electric scooters is going to be pushed through as the government want to encourage people to use these electric scooters that will help take people off of the roads. However official resellers of popular electric scooters like insist that they have checked with the Guards and the scooters do not fall under the MPV law if a push off is required.

Whatever the case it is important to never drink and drive on an electric scooter. For your own safety as much as anyone else’s even if the law is not clear on it, it is very dangerous. Please be safe on our roads.


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