Best Android Box For Christmas 2018

Android boxes are still an extremely popular product and it has come to the stage where almost every house has one. TV has changed a huge amount over the last 10 years and internet TV seems to be the way of the future, or should I stay the present! Apps like Hulu are now extremely popular and traditional TV stations are struggling for viewers. Some large companies like Virgin are slowly starting to catch up by offering their own version TV box to compete with the android box.

android box

Although the android box has been around 5/6 years now not a whole lot has changed if we are being honest. Of course new versions of android continue to come out. Originally the first popular android boxes were on android 4.4 kit and now we are all the way up to android 8.1. But the differences remain minimal when it comes to actually using the boxes. Many of the apps also remain the same with popular apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Stan TV leading the way when it comes to on demand TV.

When it comes to watching live TV things get a bit more complicated. You can use official apps like Sky Go which is quite limited. There are also IPTV services but these are fully illegal. A few years ago people used to say this is a grey area but it is absolutely not and this is not recommended. Android boxes are still to catch up with real TV stations when it comes to live TV, at least if you want to do it legally. It is fully legal to own and use a TV box and there is a great article about this on They make it clear that they sell the android box but have no association with the apps on it.




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