Be careful not to consumer too much alcohol during the Covid-19 pandemic:

As we enter into month 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic people are becoming pretty sick of being stuck of their homes. With some welcome good news last week that from May the 18th people can now officially meet with people from other households it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Just to be clear these meetings can only take place outside and the social distancing guidelines must still be adhered to.

It is a worrying time for many who suffer from depression and anxiety as many people are feeling quite lonely and isolation. This has led to many people abandoning their normal ways of life including workout regimes as of course the gyms are now closed and also their normal eating habits.

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The same thing can also happen with alcohol consumption. Being stuck at the house can lead to boredom and of course the pubs are closed. This combined with many people working at home has led to people who would usually only drink once or twice per month upping their alcohol intake. So multiple times per week. Although their intake may not be large volumes it can lead to difficulty when life goes back to normal in the future and a bad habit can creep in.

For people who are prone to depression and have an addictive personality this can be a poor combination. It is important to try and keep as normal a schedule as possible when working from home. This would include getting up at the same time and showering as if you were going into the office. Do not get up and begin working straight away. You need to set boundaries around your work times.

For home workouts it is important to do some form of exercise. Home gym equipment can be hard to get at the moment but websites like Mestech give great advice on how to stay fit at home. Most of all keep yourself active and hopefully this will all be over soon.