Android TV Box Giveaway

No this is not an April fools even though we are posting this on April 1st. We are giving away an android TV box to one of our followers to mark us reaching 10,000 visitors in 2019. We would like to thank our readers for reading our posts and sharing them with friends as it has really helped our blog a lot.

We are giving away a T9 android TV box that has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage memory. This is a top of the range android TV box given to us by our friends over at who are based in Dublin Ireland. Using one of their android boxes will allow you to download apps and turn your TV into a smart TV all by using this box. No satellite dish is needed and no wiring either. It is simply a matter of plug in the TV box, connect to your WIFI and your TV via a HDMI connection and you can begin watching all the content available on this box.

You can download apps such as RTE Player, 4OD and any other android app available in the market place. You can even install social media apps like Twitter and use it on your TV or an app like Spotify and play music through your television. This is especially good for those of you who live in apartment blocks you cannot install satellites on your building. By using this android box you will not need to pay for a satellite subscription and instead can stream your TV channels all through your wireless internet.

To enter this competition please comment your name below in the comments section and at the end of the month we will pick out a winner for the T9 android TV box. Please continue to support our blog by visiting it daily as we really appreciate it.


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