Android TV Bos Vs Apple TV – Which one to go for?

android tv box australiaApple TV vs. Android seems to be the next debating pool for android and apple users. One blames the other for being a rip-off of the other while one focuses on making the market better by giving more utility. The Apple TV has been in the market from as early as of 2007, made with an approach to move content from an iTunes library to the smart TV for ease and use. From that point forward Apple TV has experienced various modifications and now offers an exhaustive media gushing administration. Android TV boxes are the new and improved version of Google TV, a prior endeavor by Google to integrate some web smartness into its TV with android functions. The idea for Apple TV was to make a gadget which was useful and simple to exchange content from an iTunes library on your Mac to a TV built with the purpose to transfer music and pictures and later transcended into a wider phenomenon known as Apple TV.

The Apple TV likewise has various inherent applications that work with famous video administrations like Netflix and YouTube. However, it doesn’t have an App Store and you are constrained to a choice of applications made by Apple. Apple before had always looked upon smart TVs just as a junction where the iTunes files owned by the apple user could be transferred between phones, computers, and Mac. This on-request content incorporates movies and TV program you have bought or leased, and any music you have obtained from its legal stores such as iTunes. Android TV box Australia report an increased number of enquirers about the boxes in 2016.

Android TV is basically a TV with an android system. The Android TV box will include a remote and be controlled by it, leaving behind the Google TV which had many connectivity issues using the smart phone, to explore the interface. Android TV can be controlled via voice commands using the set-up box and also with straightforward controls or applications from the app store.

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