Alcohol and Electric Scooters – Not To Be Mixed!

We are writing this post due to the huge amount of buzz online about electric scooters. We have written about this quite recently but things have changed a bit since we wrote the last electric scooter related post. Namely that the legality of them is not so up in the air but they are in fact being classed as mechanically propelled vehicles. This means that they should not be on the public roads full stop. However if you are caught on the road not only will it be seized but if you have alcohol on your breath and you are over the limit then you could be done for drink driving.

Now this sounds like quite the scare tactic but an Garda Siochana have made it pretty clear that they will not tolerate these on the roads so examples could be made of the first few people who get caught on the road and you don’t want to be one of them! The funny thing is that the Guards actually have a patrol on Segways in and around Dublin City Center a lot so I wonder what the legality of those are!?


In any case you do not want to be caught over the legal alcohol limit on one of these electric scooters. Recently there was a crack down on drink cycling and several people were brought to court over it, again to be made an example of. In good time these electric scooters should be come fully legal on the roads but until something is done about it, it is just not worth the risk.

That said there is going to be a fight from many to get them back on the roads as soon as possible. Companies like it-directory electric scooters are actively campaigning with some government ministers on the electric scooter laws at the moment. As always we encourage people to have fun and enjoy their drinks but please do it responsibly!