Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Android TV Box

Are you trying to reduce your monthly expenses, but do not know where to begin? If so, you should consider starting with the elimination of your cable bill. Cutting the cord has never been easier than with the Android TV box. This device is designed to take the place of an expensive cable television, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Below, you will discover more information about the TV box, so you can decide whether or not it is suitable for your needs.


TV boxes are very accessible and in fact, you will find various brands on the market. As mentioned above, these devices offer an array of advantages that cannot be ignored. Starting with the installation process, which is very simple and only takes around 20-30 minutes tops. It comes with everything you need to complete the installation and setup in a timely manner. It also includes a remote that is formatted in a simple layout, so everyone in the family can utilize it without difficulty.

If you are working with limited space, you are in luck, because most of the available models have a compact and lightweight design. This gives you the option of sitting them on your entertainment or TV stand.


All electronic devices have some advantages, as well as disadvantages. While, most consumers will solely focus on the advantages, it is crucial to explore both. One disadvantage of the TV box that seems to bother consumers most is the lack of system storage. This is a problem for avid gamers and movie enthusiasts that prefer downloadable games, movies, and music to TV programing.

Most Android boxes will have a lot of process running in the background at all times. This not only utilizes a lot of mobile data, but it will also slow down the performance level.

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