MEAS is the Irish word for respect and it encapsulates the core value of the organisation – alcohol must be respected, and when we consume it we must respect ourselves and others.

MEAS was established in August 2002 by the alcohol manufacturers, distributors and trade associations of Ireland as an independent not-for-profit company with no commercial purpose. MEAS is a registered charity.

MEAS activities are funded by MEAS Member Companies. Through partnerships with a broad range of organisations/agencies, both public and private, which are supported in cash and/or ‘in kind’ by the partners, MEAS is extending the reach and impact of it’s activities.

MEAS believes that:

  • the sensible consumption of alcohol is compatible with a healthy lifestyle
  • social responsibility implies obligations on the part of the Drinks Industry to the entire community as well as to consumers
  • the creation of an environment conducive to sensible drinking balances personal responsibility, industry self-regulation and Government regulation.