Promoting Responsibility when drinking
and reducing alcohol related harm (2002 – 2014)

In the 12 years since 2002, MEAS and its consumer facing brand have led the way in developing initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of drinking responsibly, changing attitudes towards excessive drinking and helping address the urgent issue of alcohol misuse in Ireland.

MEAS Initiatives

Training in Responsible Serving of Alcohol

Supported by MEAS, Fáilte Ireland and the on-trade representative organisations, more than 17,000 bar-tenders undertook training in the responsible serving of alcohol.

Raising standards in the naming, packaging
and promotion of alcohol

The membership of the Independent Complaints Panel established under the MEAS Code of Practice was fully independent and brought a wide variety of experience to its deliberations. The Panel decided on 64 complaints during its life. All complaints were published in the media, on the MEAS website and in annual reports circulated to relevant stakeholders.

The MEAS Code Advisory Service was widely used by producer, retail and media/advertising agency representatives and contributed significantly to code compliance.

MEAS has called on Government to introduce a single statutory code that addresses promotional activity by all retailers of alcohol, backed by Section 17 of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011.

Alcohol and Society Conference Series

MEAS hosted a number of national conferences on important themes including:

Alcohol Issues – A Partnership Approach

Alcohol and Young People

Alcohol and the Community

The Cultural and Social Aspects of Alcohol

Working Together to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm


Drinkaware’s award winning communications programme challenged our culture of excessive drinking, and provided information and strategies to support responsible drinking. The programme was research led and delivered in partnership with a broad range of organisations.

drinkaware awareness and affinity

Research undertaken by Millward Browne in January 2014 (the MB research1) found that was perceived as the leading organisation promoting drinking in moderation; 85% of over 18s were aware of drinkaware and the awareness level increased to 91% amongst 18 – 29 year olds, drinkaware’s key target audience.

More than 9 in 10 of those aware of drinkaware said the brand should be used more widely, while 7 in 10 said ‘it is effective without pointing the finger’.

More than 1.1m unique visitors logged on to, while responsible drinking messages developed by third level students in the 2013/2014 competition reached more than half a million.

Attitude and Behaviour change

Reduction in consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consumption reduced by some 26% in Ireland in the 12 year period since 20012. The MB research found that 9 in 10 drank the same or less in 2013 v 2012, 7 in 10 now consider their drinking pace, while 6 in 10 now consider the quantity they drink.

Employment of strategies to avoid drink driving

The MB research also found that 6 in 10 now know what a standard drink is, 5 in 10 know the time it takes to process alcohol, and that 8 in 10 now organise transport to avoid anyone drink driving. There has been a very significant reduction in road fatalities in Ireland since 2007 and in the rate of detection of drink driving3.

Attitudes towards drunkenness

The MB research also found that 8 in 10 believed there is growing awareness of the effects of excessive drinking, while 9 in 10 agreed that being drunk in public is unattractive to the opposite sex.

Reduction in prevalence of underage drinking

Irish and international research reports have recorded a reduction in the prevalence of underage drinking in Ireland, particularly since 20074, while Garda data5 shows a reduction in public order offences (some 36%) between 2008 and 2012.

Choosing safety footwear

On every Irish building site and indeed most work environments it is the law that you must wear some form of safety boot for the protection of your feet. This is not enforced as a one size fits all approach in the sense that it is to stop you getting injured but it is more of a last resort in case something happens. For example if you drop something on your foot you may still get injured however it will not be as bad as if you had no safety boots on your feet in which case the damage would be much worse.

Even professions like chefs need to wear safety shoes so that they are covered under their insurance. So how do you know which safety boot to get for your work environment? Well there are several different types of safety footwear including shoes, boots, wellingtons and more. Within those then there are safety certification guides such as S1, S2, S3 and so on. Each level has certain safety features. These can include a safe toe (steel or composite), non slip, waterproof, anti static and more.

safety shoe

One thing to keep in mind however is that comfort is of the upmost importance. As these are for your work you will be wearing them for long periods of time. For this reason it is important not to go for cheap boots as you will soon have blisters on your feet and therefore you will not be working to your full capacity. A good pair of work boots should last you approximately 9 months if they are good quality. Brands like Cofra and Safety Jogger are among some of the better brands in this area.

When shopping for the right boots you need to do a risk assessment on your work place. Is there a danger of items falling your feet? Are you around high temperature liquids? Is there a chance of static electricity build up? These are all important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a pair of safety boots.


How this gaming chair business helped drive the work from home culture

With Ireland hopefully over the worst of the Pandemic, we are left to pick up the pieces and try to get back to normal life. But will life ever be normal for this generation that experienced the world being turned on its head all of a sudden? The government in Ireland have recently announced that employers are now able to bring employees back into the office almost 18 months after we first went into lockdown.

People however, have gotten used to working from home and indeed to a more balanced life style. It is not so easy to reprogramme people after 18 months of having a more comfortable working space. Many employers did help their employees organise a proper work from home setup in the madness that was the first lockdown and many businesses did benefit from this. For example the gaming chair Ireland online store reported seeing a huge increase in sales in 2020, so much so that they ran out of stock before the Christmas season really kicked off. Other businesses such as the fitness equipment niche also done very well as gyms were closed for 70% of the year in 2020. Getting your hands on a dumbbell was difficult during the first lockdown.

gaming chairs ireland

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months as the government have promised that we will not enter another lockdown. Whether this will be the case come winter however is a different story. Last winter saw the country go into lockdown just 3 days before Christmas which affected the entertainment industry badly. By October 22 the government want to end all restrictions so that is a major positive.

If everyone can get on with their lives from here on in, I think we can all consider ourselves quite lucky. Those people who are now used to working from home and who have invested in expensive furniture like an office desk, gaming chair, office chair or whatever the case maybe will be reluctant to go back into the office. Most companies will be forced to use a hybrid model of 2/3 days in the office and the rest of the week from home.

Most people would have been happy with this only two years ago so there is no reason that staff will not accept this going forward even if some people have got a little more comfortable working from home!

Be Safe When Getting A Hoverboard This Christmas

So again Christmas is around the corner and another year comes to an end. It is crazy how fast time seems to be going by and summer came and went so quickly. Already Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere and people are preparing to do their Christmas shopping.

The same products are being sought after as the last few Christmas’s and one of those popular products is the hoverboard. Although these have been around for quite a few years now they are as popular as ever and for some reason they are a big hit at Christmas time. Stores such as are already reporting increased sales in these hoverboards with many people getting ahead of the Christmas rush and ordering their hoverboards online.

Online shopping at Christmas time can be quite stressful. The courier networks are under extreme pressure and people begin stressing about getting their gifts on time. This is why it is good to get organised and order online in November before things really ramp up. Last year it is reported that Irish shoppers spent over 4 billion for Christmas 2018. That is a staggering number and when you think of the amount of money spent on presents that will never be used it really is quite staggering.

More and more family’s are deciding to do Christ Kindle which means that they get a gift for one person in their family. This makes sense financially and also cuts down on unnecessary spending which can put a lot of strain on a lot of families around the country. Our tip here at is to do a Christ Kindle and put a budget on the gift and stick to it. This means that most people should have one gift to be gotten for someone in their family and it takes a lot of the stress out of the run up to Christmas.


electric scooter alcohol

Alcohol and Electric Scooters – Not To Be Mixed!

We are writing this post due to the huge amount of buzz online about electric scooters. We have written about this quite recently but things have changed a bit since we wrote the last electric scooter related post. Namely that the legality of them is not so up in the air but they are in fact being classed as mechanically propelled vehicles. This means that they should not be on the public roads full stop. However if you are caught on the road not only will it be seized but if you have alcohol on your breath and you are over the limit then you could be done for drink driving.

Now this sounds like quite the scare tactic but an Garda Siochana have made it pretty clear that they will not tolerate these on the roads so examples could be made of the first few people who get caught on the road and you don’t want to be one of them! The funny thing is that the Guards actually have a patrol on Segways in and around Dublin City Center a lot so I wonder what the legality of those are!?


In any case you do not want to be caught over the legal alcohol limit on one of these electric scooters. Recently there was a crack down on drink cycling and several people were brought to court over it, again to be made an example of. In good time these electric scooters should be come fully legal on the roads but until something is done about it, it is just not worth the risk.

That said there is going to be a fight from many to get them back on the roads as soon as possible. Companies like it-directory electric scooters are actively campaigning with some government ministers on the electric scooter laws at the moment. As always we encourage people to have fun and enjoy their drinks but please do it responsibly!