Promoting Responsibility when drinking
and reducing alcohol related harm (2002 – 2014)

In the 12 years since 2002, MEAS and its consumer facing brand have led the way in developing initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of drinking responsibly, changing attitudes towards excessive drinking and helping address the urgent issue of alcohol misuse in Ireland.

MEAS Initiatives

Training in Responsible Serving of Alcohol

Supported by MEAS, Fáilte Ireland and the on-trade representative organisations, more than 17,000 bar-tenders undertook training in the responsible serving of alcohol.

Raising standards in the naming, packaging
and promotion of alcohol

The membership of the Independent Complaints Panel established under the MEAS Code of Practice was fully independent and brought a wide variety of experience to its deliberations. The Panel decided on 64 complaints during its life. All complaints were published in the media, on the MEAS website and in annual reports circulated to relevant stakeholders.

The MEAS Code Advisory Service was widely used by producer, retail and media/advertising agency representatives and contributed significantly to code compliance.

MEAS has called on Government to introduce a single statutory code that addresses promotional activity by all retailers of alcohol, backed by Section 17 of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011.

Alcohol and Society Conference Series

MEAS hosted a number of national conferences on important themes including:

Alcohol Issues – A Partnership Approach

Alcohol and Young People

Alcohol and the Community

The Cultural and Social Aspects of Alcohol

Working Together to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm


Drinkaware’s award winning communications programme challenged our culture of excessive drinking, and provided information and strategies to support responsible drinking. The programme was research led and delivered in partnership with a broad range of organisations.

drinkaware awareness and affinity

Research undertaken by Millward Browne in January 2014 (the MB research1) found that was perceived as the leading organisation promoting drinking in moderation; 85% of over 18s were aware of drinkaware and the awareness level increased to 91% amongst 18 – 29 year olds, drinkaware’s key target audience.

More than 9 in 10 of those aware of drinkaware said the brand should be used more widely, while 7 in 10 said ‘it is effective without pointing the finger’.

More than 1.1m unique visitors logged on to, while responsible drinking messages developed by third level students in the 2013/2014 competition reached more than half a million.

Attitude and Behaviour change

Reduction in consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consumption reduced by some 26% in Ireland in the 12 year period since 20012. The MB research found that 9 in 10 drank the same or less in 2013 v 2012, 7 in 10 now consider their drinking pace, while 6 in 10 now consider the quantity they drink.

Employment of strategies to avoid drink driving

The MB research also found that 6 in 10 now know what a standard drink is, 5 in 10 know the time it takes to process alcohol, and that 8 in 10 now organise transport to avoid anyone drink driving. There has been a very significant reduction in road fatalities in Ireland since 2007 and in the rate of detection of drink driving3.

Attitudes towards drunkenness

The MB research also found that 8 in 10 believed there is growing awareness of the effects of excessive drinking, while 9 in 10 agreed that being drunk in public is unattractive to the opposite sex.

Reduction in prevalence of underage drinking

Irish and international research reports have recorded a reduction in the prevalence of underage drinking in Ireland, particularly since 20074, while Garda data5 shows a reduction in public order offences (some 36%) between 2008 and 2012.

Android TV Bos Vs Apple TV – Which one to go for?

android tv box australiaApple TV vs. Android seems to be the next debating pool for android and apple users. One blames the other for being a rip-off of the other while one focuses on making the market better by giving more utility. The Apple TV has been in the market from as early as of 2007, made with an approach to move content from an iTunes library to the smart TV for ease and use. From that point forward Apple TV has experienced various modifications and now offers an exhaustive media gushing administration. Android TV boxes are the new and improved version of Google TV, a prior endeavor by Google to integrate some web smartness into its TV with android functions. The idea for Apple TV was to make a gadget which was useful and simple to exchange content from an iTunes library on your Mac to a TV built with the purpose to transfer music and pictures and later transcended into a wider phenomenon known as Apple TV.

The Apple TV likewise has various inherent applications that work with famous video administrations like Netflix and YouTube. However, it doesn’t have an App Store and you are constrained to a choice of applications made by Apple. Apple before had always looked upon smart TVs just as a junction where the iTunes files owned by the apple user could be transferred between phones, computers, and Mac. This on-request content incorporates movies and TV program you have bought or leased, and any music you have obtained from its legal stores such as iTunes. Android TV box Australia report an increased number of enquirers about the boxes in 2016.

Android TV is basically a TV with an android system. The Android TV box will include a remote and be controlled by it, leaving behind the Google TV which had many connectivity issues using the smart phone, to explore the interface. Android TV can be controlled via voice commands using the set-up box and also with straightforward controls or applications from the app store.

Innovative applications of drones

drones for saleQuadcopters have really dominated the field of the technology over the last decade. Primarily the quadcopters were only used as toys and small school projects. But in the recent past, the application of these quadcopters has really extended to different fields. And the good point is, the usage of these quadcopters has been able to bring very satisfactory results as well. So it can be expected that the usage of these quadcopters will increase day by day, and at the same time, it will be able to bring some effective results for us.

So, if you are interested about the drones and wondering how these new gen devices fare when it comes to real-life utility, then this particular discussion may suit you as it discusses the broad applications of drones for sale in Ireland.

Innovative applications of the quadcopters:

The applications of drones have become quite extensive and they cover commercial, diametrical, military and other domains quite successfully as well.

a) Real estate photography:

One of the most popular applications of modern day quadcopters is the Real estate photography. If you are looking to have a proper image or photograph of a particular architecture and the real estate, then quadcopters can be very helpful to you. And at the same point, quadcopters are also used as a modern day selling tool of different real estate buildings as well.

With the help of the drones, the virtual walk-throughs are also quite possible. And with the help of virtual walk through it is possible to get a clear idea about any kind of real estate buildings.

b) Inspections of different aircraft:

Aircrafts are a really important way of transportation and communication. And at the same time, there is a large application of aircraft by the military as well. So it is really important to keep those aircraft under proper maintenance. But this fact can be denied that if you opt for the manual inspection, then it can turn out as a very difficult job and at the same time it will be very time consuming too. So in that case quadcopters are really helpful. Quadcopters can inspect every inch of an aircraft. And this process can be done quite quickly as well. So if any fault in the quadcopter is spotted, then proper steps can be taken quite promptly.

c) Rescue missions:

It may sound a bit of fantasy, but quadcopters have a very important role to play in different search and rescue missions. And drones can be chosen as a right equipment for this job for the various reasons. And those reasons are like

  1. Quad copter can cover a very wide range of ground quite easily.

  2. Quad copter can fly at very low altitude, so proper scanning is always possible.

  3. The cost of the total operation is always affordable, as it is not quite as high.

So, these are some interesting applications of the quadcopters, and with the improvement of technology the applications will also increase to encompass various other important fields.

Advantages of Bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakersNowadays Bluetooth speakers are getting very popular, especially when it is about listening to music from your PC, laptop or mobile with an external speaker. Bluetooth speakers are generally very efficient and it brings a whole new technology. With the help of Bluetooth technology you can get various waves of different frequencies and it is very useful when it comes about listening to music in the much wider form. Bluetooth speakers are so efficient that you can use it for any purposes like you can use Bluetooth speakers while celebrating someone’s birthday or while you are partying with your friends. Bluetooth speakers are also very much portable, so that you can carry these things while you are on a tour. And the most beautiful part of a Bluetooth speaker is it provides a very good clarity of sound, so that you can enjoy your music with a good mood.

So, you can understand how useful and advantageous Bluetooth speakers can be.

So now I will talk about the different advantages of Bluetooth speakers.

1) Wireless: It is one of the key advantages of Bluetooth speakers. As the Bluetooth speakers are wireless, you can carry it to anywhere. And you don’t have to struggle with wires as well. So when you are thinking about listening to music from your device you can do it by connecting it with a Bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to worry about plugging a wire and then unplugging it.

2) Portable: Bluetooth speakers are quite portable. So that you don’t have to face much trouble when you are on a tour or when you are traveling to somewhere. You can easily carry these Bluetooth speakers and then connect it with your device without any wired connection. So, these facilities make a Bluetooth speaker very famous.

3) Power saver: Bluetooth speaker is something which really can be counted as an environment friendly innovation. As this Bluetooth speaker really helps to save up the power for you. So if you are out of power or if you really want to save up some power, then Bluetooth speakers are something which you can really adopt. So it can provide you some good quality music and at the same time it will help to save up some power as well.

4) Sound quality: Bluetooth speakers are very much famous for providing a good quality of sound. So, when you are listening to your favorite song you won’t like any kind of distortion or disturbances. Bluetooth speaker is something which won’t cause any disturbance to your song as it will provide a very high quality of sound. The quality of sound in a Bluetooth speaker is so good that you can use it anywhere like you can use it in any festival or in any type of parties.

5) Easy to install: Bluetooth speakers are very much easy to install and very easy to configure with your phone or laptop. Sometimes in many cases you may not need any installation as well. So you can understand how easily you can use a Bluetooth speaker.

Setup Your Own CCTV Security System

cctv camerasWith the ever-increasing crime rates worldwide, business and homeowners are forced to take security measures in their own hands. Of course, you can always rely on your local law enforcement to assist you when needed, but they cannot possibly be there 24/7. Many retail giants utilize CCTV surveillance, because it offers an array of benefits. Just like anything else, these systems also come with some disadvantages. Below, you will discover a list of advantages and disadvantages of surveillance camera systems.


The biggest benefit of security systems is they offer a very cost-efficient operation. Most of these systems operate on electricity and wireless communication, which is already set up in most homes. This energy efficient equipment will not drive up your electric bill, so you are not going to be out any money, other than the initial price. Another benefit that cannot be ignored is just the mere presence of the security cameras, will deter illegal activity. Most criminals will not dare cross paths with a surveillance camera, because they fear getting caught in action.

Most of the modern surveillance systems are now being embedded with Bluetooth chips. This device gives homeowners remote control capabilities from anywhere around the globe. Each system will have its on mobile app, which must be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. You will need to pair the equipment with your existing Internet router, before the system will function appropriately.


When you first start shopping for a new surveillance system, you will discover that there are both, wireless and wired models available on the market. The wireless system is much easier to install, which is why many consumers find it more desirable. Of course, there is one downside to this system and that its reliability rating. A minor wireless interference can alter the system’s performance, potentially leading to a complete disconnection. If this happens, the system will not function correctly and you will not be able to access live stream or receive notifications.

Wireless surveillance systems can also be vulnerable to security breaches and criminal tampering. An intelligent criminal or online hacker will know exactly how to hack into the system. Password protecting the security system during the setup and installation process will be your best bet. Be sure that you choose a strong password that will not easily be hacked.


When you consider these advantages and disadvantages, it is obvious that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A surveillance system will definitely boost your home security in more ways than one and you should not go another day without this additional protection.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Android TV Box

Are you trying to reduce your monthly expenses, but do not know where to begin? If so, you should consider starting with the elimination of your cable bill. Cutting the cord has never been easier than with the Android TV box. This device is designed to take the place of an expensive cable television, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Below, you will discover more information about the TV box, so you can decide whether or not it is suitable for your needs.


TV boxes are very accessible and in fact, you will find various brands on the market. As mentioned above, these devices offer an array of advantages that cannot be ignored. Starting with the installation process, which is very simple and only takes around 20-30 minutes tops. It comes with everything you need to complete the installation and setup in a timely manner. It also includes a remote that is formatted in a simple layout, so everyone in the family can utilize it without difficulty.

If you are working with limited space, you are in luck, because most of the available models have a compact and lightweight design. This gives you the option of sitting them on your entertainment or TV stand.


All electronic devices have some advantages, as well as disadvantages. While, most consumers will solely focus on the advantages, it is crucial to explore both. One disadvantage of the TV box that seems to bother consumers most is the lack of system storage. This is a problem for avid gamers and movie enthusiasts that prefer downloadable games, movies, and music to TV programing.

Most Android boxes will have a lot of process running in the background at all times. This not only utilizes a lot of mobile data, but it will also slow down the performance level.

Our Guide To Buying A Refurbished iPhone

There is no getting around the fact that Apples famous iPhone is a quality product but it does come at a price (literally) and that price is pretty expensive. Apple don’t deal in budget items but there are other ways to get Apple products at a much cheaper rate.

A refurbished iPhone is one that is basically second hand. This usually mans they were originally faulty and sent backiphone 5 refurbished for a repair or they may have had some damage and being repaired and now are ready to use again in full working condition. As with most refurbished items you may not receive the new packaging that you would receive buying brand new but everything else should be as good as new. Most sells of the refurbished products will offer a warranty on the refurbished iPhone to ensure that their customers are shopping with confidence. There is also three different types of refurbished items usually called grades.

  1. Grade A condition – The iPhone is as good as new on the outside and inside and works perfectly.
  2. Grade B condition – usually has some marks on the cover but the phone is in full working order.
  3. Grade C condition – The iPhone is noticeably used.

Each grade will have a different price point as you would expect. Grade A being the most expensive as the phone is in the best condition and Grade C will be the most affordable for those on a budget.