Promoting Responsibility when drinking
and reducing alcohol related harm (2002 – 2014)

In the 12 years since 2002, MEAS and its consumer facing brand have led the way in developing initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of drinking responsibly, changing attitudes towards excessive drinking and helping address the urgent issue of alcohol misuse in Ireland.

MEAS Initiatives

Training in Responsible Serving of Alcohol

Supported by MEAS, Fáilte Ireland and the on-trade representative organisations, more than 17,000 bar-tenders undertook training in the responsible serving of alcohol.

Raising standards in the naming, packaging
and promotion of alcohol

The membership of the Independent Complaints Panel established under the MEAS Code of Practice was fully independent and brought a wide variety of experience to its deliberations. The Panel decided on 64 complaints during its life. All complaints were published in the media, on the MEAS website and in annual reports circulated to relevant stakeholders.

The MEAS Code Advisory Service was widely used by producer, retail and media/advertising agency representatives and contributed significantly to code compliance.

MEAS has called on Government to introduce a single statutory code that addresses promotional activity by all retailers of alcohol, backed by Section 17 of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011.

Alcohol and Society Conference Series

MEAS hosted a number of national conferences on important themes including:

Alcohol Issues – A Partnership Approach

Alcohol and Young People

Alcohol and the Community

The Cultural and Social Aspects of Alcohol

Working Together to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm


Drinkaware’s award winning communications programme challenged our culture of excessive drinking, and provided information and strategies to support responsible drinking. The programme was research led and delivered in partnership with a broad range of organisations.

drinkaware awareness and affinity

Research undertaken by Millward Browne in January 2014 (the MB research1) found that was perceived as the leading organisation promoting drinking in moderation; 85% of over 18s were aware of drinkaware and the awareness level increased to 91% amongst 18 – 29 year olds, drinkaware’s key target audience.

More than 9 in 10 of those aware of drinkaware said the brand should be used more widely, while 7 in 10 said ‘it is effective without pointing the finger’.

More than 1.1m unique visitors logged on to, while responsible drinking messages developed by third level students in the 2013/2014 competition reached more than half a million.

Attitude and Behaviour change

Reduction in consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consumption reduced by some 26% in Ireland in the 12 year period since 20012. The MB research found that 9 in 10 drank the same or less in 2013 v 2012, 7 in 10 now consider their drinking pace, while 6 in 10 now consider the quantity they drink.

Employment of strategies to avoid drink driving

The MB research also found that 6 in 10 now know what a standard drink is, 5 in 10 know the time it takes to process alcohol, and that 8 in 10 now organise transport to avoid anyone drink driving. There has been a very significant reduction in road fatalities in Ireland since 2007 and in the rate of detection of drink driving3.

Attitudes towards drunkenness

The MB research also found that 8 in 10 believed there is growing awareness of the effects of excessive drinking, while 9 in 10 agreed that being drunk in public is unattractive to the opposite sex.

Reduction in prevalence of underage drinking

Irish and international research reports have recorded a reduction in the prevalence of underage drinking in Ireland, particularly since 20074, while Garda data5 shows a reduction in public order offences (some 36%) between 2008 and 2012.

Be Safe When Getting A Hoverboard This Christmas

So again Christmas is around the corner and another year comes to an end. It is crazy how fast time seems to be going by and summer came and went so quickly. Already Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere and people are preparing to do their Christmas shopping.

The same products are being sought after as the last few Christmas’s and one of those popular products is the hoverboard. Although these have been around for quite a few years now they are as popular as ever and for some reason they are a big hit at Christmas time. Stores such as are already reporting increased sales in these hoverboards with many people getting ahead of the Christmas rush and ordering their hoverboards online.

Online shopping at Christmas time can be quite stressful. The courier networks are under extreme pressure and people begin stressing about getting their gifts on time. This is why it is good to get organised and order online in November before things really ramp up. Last year it is reported that Irish shoppers spent over 4 billion for Christmas 2018. That is a staggering number and when you think of the amount of money spent on presents that will never be used it really is quite staggering.

More and more family’s are deciding to do Christ Kindle which means that they get a gift for one person in their family. This makes sense financially and also cuts down on unnecessary spending which can put a lot of strain on a lot of families around the country. Our tip here at is to do a Christ Kindle and put a budget on the gift and stick to it. This means that most people should have one gift to be gotten for someone in their family and it takes a lot of the stress out of the run up to Christmas.


Alcohol tester iPhone app now available on your phone!

An app called the morning calculator is now available for your iPhone to help you calculate if you are over the drink driving limit or not from the previous night. The app which can be found here can be custom set to your countries drink driving limit. For example in Ireland it is 1 unit of alcohol per hour before you can safely begin driving again. Other countries are less strict with some countries around the world where drink driving is not against the law!

refurbished iphone drink driving

The reviews for this app vary but we suggest it is more that people are getting annoyed at their test results than the app itself. We tried it on one of our refurbished iPhone’s and it seemed to be quite accurate although it is not something you can really rely on it can give a helpful indicator as to whether or not you should take to the road. According to my iPhone 7, well my refurbished iPhone 7 from I would not have been able to drive the car until Sunday evening after a great day out at the rugby on Saturday.

Some things the app does not take into consideration are the size and weight of the person as the bigger you are the more alcohol you can take. Also it does not take into account food eaten in that time which can help soak up some of the alcohol. Common sense is still the biggest factor when deciding when it is OK to drink after a night out. Also how much sleep you got when you went to bed is another factor. If you only slept a few hours on someones couch then it may not be safe to drive the next day for quite some time. Ultimately just use your head and try not to drive for as long as possible after a big night out. You will eventually get caught.



Alcohol and Electric Bikes Don’t Mix

Here at we recently done an article on electric scooters as they appear to be everywhere all of a sudden but not much mention has been made of the electric bike. Electric bikes are extremely popular here in Ireland and according to the bike to work grant numbers over half of the bike to work grants have been given out for electric bikes as opposed to just normal pedal bikes.

So what is an electric bike? Well it looks the same as a normal push bike only it has a small electric motor on it. The motor assists you in your driving and helps you go a further distance, helps you get up hills and generally just makes cycling around much easier. These electric bikes aren’t cheap and usually start at around the €700 range however there is an option to get an electric bike conversion kit so you can make your normal bike into one of these electric bikes. There are many websites dealing how to do this such as and the electric bike conversion kits appear to be much more affordable than purchasing a whole new electric bike. All that is needed is a bit of DIY knowledge which can also be found online.

electric bike alcohol

So now that we know what an electric bike is we must state just how serious an offense it is to be caught in control of one of these bikes while under the influence. Cases of cyclists being arrested for drink driving has almost doubled since the new laws were introduced in 2013. Cases like this one are quite serious and not a joking matter. It is important that cyclists realise this and know that since the law change this is as bad as getting caught behind the wheel of your car.

In that case the man was let off with a €250 fine but if there was an incident and you were found over the limit whilst on your electric bike then the penalties can be much more severe including serving jail time for the offense. Not only are you at risk of endangering yourself whilst under the influence but you can cause people in cars to swerve and put other people in danger by night being fully in control of your actions on the electric bike. We felt this deserves its own post as with all the electric scooter talk electric bikes seem to have slipped under the radar of the press but not the guards!

tv box giveaway

Android TV Box Giveaway

No this is not an April fools even though we are posting this on April 1st. We are giving away an android TV box to one of our followers to mark us reaching 10,000 visitors in 2019. We would like to thank our readers for reading our posts and sharing them with friends as it has really helped our blog a lot.

We are giving away a T9 android TV box that has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage memory. This is a top of the range android TV box given to us by our friends over at who are based in Dublin Ireland. Using one of their android boxes will allow you to download apps and turn your TV into a smart TV all by using this box. No satellite dish is needed and no wiring either. It is simply a matter of plug in the TV box, connect to your WIFI and your TV via a HDMI connection and you can begin watching all the content available on this box.

You can download apps such as RTE Player, 4OD and any other android app available in the market place. You can even install social media apps like Twitter and use it on your TV or an app like Spotify and play music through your television. This is especially good for those of you who live in apartment blocks you cannot install satellites on your building. By using this android box you will not need to pay for a satellite subscription and instead can stream your TV channels all through your wireless internet.

To enter this competition please comment your name below in the comments section and at the end of the month we will pick out a winner for the T9 android TV box. Please continue to support our blog by visiting it daily as we really appreciate it.


electric scooter alcohol

Alcohol and Electric Scooters – Not To Be Mixed!

We are writing this post due to the huge amount of buzz online about electric scooters. We have written about this quite recently but things have changed a bit since we wrote the last electric scooter related post. Namely that the legality of them is not so up in the air but they are in fact being classed as mechanically propelled vehicles. This means that they should not be on the public roads full stop. However if you are caught on the road not only will it be seized but if you have alcohol on your breath and you are over the limit then you could be done for drink driving.

Now this sounds like quite the scare tactic but an Garda Siochana have made it pretty clear that they will not tolerate these on the roads so examples could be made of the first few people who get caught on the road and you don’t want to be one of them! The funny thing is that the Guards actually have a patrol on Segways in and around Dublin City Center a lot so I wonder what the legality of those are!?


In any case you do not want to be caught over the legal alcohol limit on one of these electric scooters. Recently there was a crack down on drink cycling and several people were brought to court over it, again to be made an example of. In good time these electric scooters should be come fully legal on the roads but until something is done about it, it is just not worth the risk.

That said there is going to be a fight from many to get them back on the roads as soon as possible. Companies like it-directory electric scooters are actively campaigning with some government ministers on the electric scooter laws at the moment. As always we encourage people to have fun and enjoy their drinks but please do it responsibly!



electric scooter ireland

Can you drink and still drive an electric scooter in Ireland?

Electric scooters are getting a lot of headlines lately and there is still a grey area about the legal standing of these electric scooters. According to some sources electric scooters require a drivers license and insurance to be driven on the road in Ireland. There is also the question however that is this is not the case can they be driven in bike lanes as this is where most of them are being seen, especially in the Dublin area.

After doing some research there does not seem to be a clear answer on these sorts of questions with some sources stating that they are not mechanically propelled vehicles and other sources stating that they are. When Googling electric scooter law in Ireland this page says that they in fact are not MPV’s as they require a push off to begin moving. If that is the case then they would have the same law as a bike and not require a drivers license or insurance.

Drink Driving & Electric Scooters:

This is also important as to whether you can have alcohol and drive an electric scooter. Now obviously this is not advised no matter what the law but strictly from a legal stand point it is important to know where you stand on this as if you are caught over the limit and the guards deem the electric scooter to be a MPV then you can be done for drink driving and even go to prison!

The official Guarda stance on this is still unclear and it could come down to the members interpretation of the law. This is important as if you are riding an electric scooter in the bike lane and a Garda sees this as an MPV then you can also get points on your license.

The Future of Electric Scooters:

Simply put we are still unsure of where the law stands on this. There has been mentions in the Irish papers that a specific law for electric scooters is going to be pushed through as the government want to encourage people to use these electric scooters that will help take people off of the roads. However official resellers of popular electric scooters like insist that they have checked with the Guards and the scooters do not fall under the MPV law if a push off is required.

Whatever the case it is important to never drink and drive on an electric scooter. For your own safety as much as anyone else’s even if the law is not clear on it, it is very dangerous. Please be safe on our roads.


Best Android Box For Christmas 2018

Android boxes are still an extremely popular product and it has come to the stage where almost every house has one. TV has changed a huge amount over the last 10 years and internet TV seems to be the way of the future, or should I stay the present! Apps like Hulu are now extremely popular and traditional TV stations are struggling for viewers. Some large companies like Virgin are slowly starting to catch up by offering their own version TV box to compete with the android box.

android box

Although the android box has been around 5/6 years now not a whole lot has changed if we are being honest. Of course new versions of android continue to come out. Originally the first popular android boxes were on android 4.4 kit and now we are all the way up to android 8.1. But the differences remain minimal when it comes to actually using the boxes. Many of the apps also remain the same with popular apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Stan TV leading the way when it comes to on demand TV.

When it comes to watching live TV things get a bit more complicated. You can use official apps like Sky Go which is quite limited. There are also IPTV services but these are fully illegal. A few years ago people used to say this is a grey area but it is absolutely not and this is not recommended. Android boxes are still to catch up with real TV stations when it comes to live TV, at least if you want to do it legally. It is fully legal to own and use a TV box and there is a great article about this on They make it clear that they sell the android box but have no association with the apps on it.




Pro Teeth Whitening System – The Future Of Teeth Whitening?

Pro White Teeth Whitening system includes custom trays made by a dental lab, temporary trays, a choice of either 16% or 22% ( which is the one recommended) in mint flavor, and gives you a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.
Pro White Teeth whitening gel comes in two strengths of Carbon Peroxide.,22% and 16%. 22%. The 22% will work for most people and is the strength the company recommends, while 16% would be the better choice for those with sensitive teeth.

 Peroxide, the main ingredient of Pro White Teeth is FDA approved, and does not include any filers that might be dangerous or toxic, like dome other companies’ teeth whitening systems may consist of.

The gel and the custom tray have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason you return the unused portion of the Pro White Teeth system.

Pro White Teeth offers additional teeth whitening gel at reasonable prices, and will keep for up to three years in your refrigerator.

Using your Pro White Teeth is very simple. When you receive the kit, you need to use the materials included to make a mold of your teeth. Take the blue and white putty, and mix it together, until you have one solid color. Roll the putty out, and use it to fill one of the temporary trays, place the mold onto your top teeth, and hold it there for four minutes. Repeat the previous steps for your lower teeth. Once you complete this, you return the molds in the prepaid envelope, and receive your permanent trays in about three business days.

I am a coffee drinker, and on occasions I like to drink red wine. These are two of the worst things you can do to your teeth, and can cause stains, and yellowing. I have tried the over the counter whitening systems, and found them less than effective. I did some research online and found, Pro White Teeth

I was a bit taken aback by the price of the Pro White Teeth whitening system, but I knew that getting my teeth whitened by my dentist would be even more expensive. Pro White Teeth is available online at sites like for around $80.00. I ordered the Pro White Teeth kit, and it arrived in a few days. I followed the instructions and made the molds of my teeth, and sent them off and waited for my permanent trays to arrive.

It only took a few days, about four to be precise. I used the system as directed, and the results were amazing. I would recommend the Pro White Teeth Whitening Strips to anyone who needs whiter teeth.


New Laws Come into Play For Using A Hoverboard In Ireland

There has been many campaigns over the last 2 decades about the huge problem of drink driving in Ireland and it has been largely successful. Ireland is a rural country and many people live outside of small towns and villages and a generation ago it was acceptable to go for a few pints and then drive home after the pub. This is certainly not the case any more and there is a lot of shame associated with drink driving to the extent that there has even been talk in the media of having a public list where you will be named and shamed online if you are caught drink driving.

In recent years however there are new forms of transport and Dublin has even become quite bike friendly in the last 10 years especially. But now there are a few new kids on the block in the form of electric scooters, hoverboards and segways. In this article there have been calls to regulate electric scooters and hoverboards so they can be used in the same vein as bicycles. This makes absolute sense. As it stands the guards can seize any scooter or hoverboard if it is used on the footpath or indeed on the road itself.

These new forms of transport should be encouraged as it takes traffic off of our roads and it is more environmentally friendly. In fact in cities in the US they are being encouraged and rightly so. There was a huge push in Dublin to get people to use bikes and as we are a major city with no underground/metro system things like this could take the pressure off of the roads. What is the issue with people using a hoverboard to get to work over a car? It is a much better way to do your commute and should be encouraged. Companies like the are now at the forefront of the electric hoverboard business.